Digitize your business, gain efficiency and maximize your visibility

Agily is at your side to take your digital projects to the next level. Whether you are looking to develop a web, mobile, e-commerce site or simply a showcase site, our team of experts will guide you and co-create outstanding products with you.

Our teams use agile methods to adapt to your challenges while never missing an agreed deadline.


The Agily methodology


Our goal at Agily is to quickly develop a first version of your product to test out on your users. We then add various features based on their feedback. We provide an outside perspective and a business-oriented vision on each project.


Our project teams are tailored to best meet all your needs! On each mission, we assign a qualified project manager to facilitate the coordination of technical teams and communication with the client. We believe that project management plays a key role in the effectiveness of our missions.

Sprint Agily

At Agily, we work in sprints on each of our projects. These each last seven days, and include a meeting conducted at the start of the week with the client to review the progress of the past week and define priorities and tasks to achieve in the next sprint.

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Our web and mobile development solutions


Whether you’re looking to develop a web or a mobile application, our select team will guide and advise you in your projects drawing on our expertise in the very best technologies on the market.


At Agily, we will design your customized e-commerce site drawing on our wealth of experience and mastery in the e-commerce sector. We will work with you to co-create the very best user experience to drive more sales and revenue to your business.

Wordpress site

Agily will be your close partner for all phases of your product design, whether you’re looking to set up a WordPress site, or to build cutting edge applications based on Jamstack technologies.


We have developed a CTO as a Service (CAAS) solution to assist you in developing technical skills in the long term, without the need to hire a CTO.
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Our web and mobile development solutions


Web and mobile development

We will guide your company in the creation of your web and mobile applications.

E-commerce site

We blend marketing and user experience to solve all of the business challenges involved in your projects.

WordPress site

At Agily, we are experts in several CMS technologies, including the most widely used, WordPress.

CTO Consulting

Need high level strategic support? Trust Agily for your roadmap.

Jamstack Site

If it’s an ultra-fast site you’re looking to set up, trust Agily and Jamstack technology!

Our web and mobile development references

UX Research, Design Sprint & Product Design
Jamstack Wordpress for the redesign of the Linkurious website.
Redesign of a media site and SEO optimization

Do you have a project in mind? Let's discuss it!

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