What is ideation?

Ideation is an essential first step in developing a project. It’s the creative process in which our teams generate and develop ideas, through sessions such as deep-brainstorming, to best meet your needs and your users' expectations.

The goal of ideation is to bring out as many ideas as possible in order to design the very best product or to evaluate the quality of an existing product. At Agily, we rely on highly effective Design Sprint workshops and a UX Research process to best meet our clients and their clients’ needs.

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Why hire Agily to elevate your creativity?

Cross-functional teams

At Agily, our multidisciplinary ideation teams allow us to collectively explore many different horizons.

Artistic process

Our reflection process is simple, but effective (brainstorming – brainwriting – ideation – mind mapping).

Concrete solutions

With Agily, get clear answers to your deepest questions.

Gain a fresh look

Our fresh, enthusiastic project team will offer you a completely fresh perspective on your project.
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Digitize your business, gain efficiency and maximize visibility

Agily is at your side to take your digital projects to the next level. Whether you’re looking to develop a web, mobile, e-commerce site or simply a showcase site, our team of experts will guide you and co-create outstanding products.

Our teams use agile methods to adapt to your challenges while never missing an agreed deadline.


Our 3 ideation methods in line with the maturity of the project

Design Thinking

At Agily, our Design Thinking approach stands out when it comes to better understanding problem areas and identifying first users. There are different types of Design Thinking models (Knapp, Zeratsky and Kowitz, 2016). They all follow the double diamond flow.

Put simply, Design Thinking begins with the divergence and gathering of many insights through discussions with our users, followed by convergence through the bundling of these insights and identification of the particular issues involved. Then we use emergent knowledge to find a large number of possible solutions. Our most promising and convincing ideas are prototyped and tested.

Lean startup

At Agily, we use the Lean Startup method of continuous innovation. An entrepreneur often already has a fairly clear vision of the problem to solve. In this case, the Lean Startup method involves first specifying assumptions on a customer-oriented canvas, then prioritizing and validating the highest risk assumptions for the entire product.

The process of validating these assumptions involves creating a user experiment and testing it to determine whether the assumption or hypothesis is still valid. This is the “Build, Test and Learn” method. The Lean Startup method uses qualitative insights from the outset, but later requires the definition of actionable quantitative data to measure how effective a solution is in solving a given problem and whether it is viable in terms of growth.

Design Sprint

The main objective of a design sprint is to exchange as a team in order to identify problems and develop solution ideas, then develop prototypes and test a concept in just 5 days.

Given the short time frame, design sprints focus only on part of the solution. They are an excellent way to learn and validate business assumptions very quickly.

Our ideation solutions


UX Research

At Agily, we create an optimal user experience on your product that will maximize your customer satisfaction.

Design Sprint

A five-day workshop to collectively define the essential features of your product.

Our ideation projects

UX Research, Design Sprint & Product Design
Jamstack Wordpress for the redesign of the Linkurious website.
Redesign of a media site and SEO optimization

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